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The Sharp Dentistry Legacy


Photo: Dr. Jefferson Sharp (grandfather), Dr. Antonio  C. Ramos Sharp (great-grandfather), Dr. David Sharp (father), and Dr. Bruno Sharp (son) [From left to right]
 The Sharp Dentistry Legacy (Shown in the pictures above are the 4 generations of dentists in the Sharp family)

1874     Anthony Sharp, aged 25, arrives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1875     Anthony Sharp marries Elvira Joppert Da Costa Ramos, a Brazilian of Portuguese ascendency

1878     Antônio Da Costa Ramos Sharp is born (father of Jefferson Sharp, grandfather of David Sharp and great-grandfather of Bruno Sharp)

1902     Antônio Sharp, graduates dentist at 24 and goes to Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, VA, USA, to improve dentistry skills

1906     Antônio Sharp finishes his studies, returns to Brazil and sets a dental office, achieving great success

1907`   Antônio Sharp, 29, marries Helena Blenplain de Faro Orlando, half Belgian, half Brazilian

1909     The couple’s eldest son Jefferson, is born (Bruno Sharp’s grandfather)

1932     David Stone Sharp is born (Bruno Sharp’s father)

1957      David Sharp graduates from dental school in Brazil and goes to Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, VA, USA

1958      David marries Dora Bergman who he met while in dental school in Brazil

1962       Bruno Sharp, third and last, of the children is born

1984       Bruno Sharp graduates from dental school on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1988       Bruno Sharp goes to Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, VA, USA, to follow his four-generation family tradition

1999        Bruno Sharp establishes his practice in Coconut Grove, FL USA

2003       Bruno Sharp begins researching and studying the effect of fluoride and the demand that existed to create a new line of fluoride-free natural oral care toothpaste

2005        Bruno Sharp launches his line of fluoride-free products

2009        Bruno Sharp launches an extension to his line which included mouthwash, toothbrushes and dental tape

2010 to   The line has expanded throughout national and international markets and is currently continuing to grow